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Celsius Clawbacks, Threatens 2Depositors and Previous Withdrawls


After the very rocky year crypto has had in the last year, one might speculate that much of the Centralized Actors were Inside Bank Robbers. Who were the victims? Average everyday citizens, many who put much of there life savings with an expectation of earning a healthy return of 10% on there Crypto.

After the Down turn of Terra Luna's collapse which has been speculated to have been caused by FTX's former Brain Child SBF (Sam Bankman Fried) do to his Ponzinomics, and self admitted Using of Customer Funds to place Shorts, and Longs with his unlimited liquidity to destroy his competition, basically taking a machine gun to a knife fight. Celsius and Three Arrows Capital, and many others put a majority of depositors and investors put there liquidity in these Projects, and were able to provide the incentives to entice virtually everyone in the space, accept for maybe CZ of Binance.

But the Game game was rigged out of the gate, as soon as you deposited your Bitcoin to Celsius it wasn't technically yours anymore, and was somehow customer funds were considered Company Funds, that could afford people like Alex Machinski Celsius Mouth Piece and former CEO lavish Lifestyles paralleled only to Celebrities, and Movie Stars.

It had seemed at first Machinski was a proponent for the people, and that he had his customer's best interests in mind or did he? Alex Mashinsky has gifted his wife Krissy 15 million CEL tokens worth $20 million for her birthday back in 2020, and later after halting customer withdrawls, Celsius before filling Bankruptcy paid themselves another 30 Million Dollars of Funds, but thats old news.

What is more interesting today is had you managed to get your funds, or for some people life savings out of Celsius you still may have a chance of losing it.....

CLAWBACKS And What you should know, and what you can do about it, when a Bankruptcy is filed companies that were owed a debt for example they took at a loan etc. a company files a UCC on the companies credit meaning they are owed a debt..

Celsius raised $750 Million rite before the company had collapsed. Customers were first in line to get there funds back but that changed when the bankruptcy was restructured. One Twitter user cited "The fake reorganization is a scam to steal more of your funds locked on their platform and issue you a worthless “NEWCO” token instead of your Bitcoin, Eth, or Link. They are trying to block any other plan from being considered besides their own,” he said in a tweet on January 29.

Amidst all the thievery by Tradeco Organizations, a particular Crypto Influencer who was a victim himself of Machinski Ben Armstrong of BitBoy Crypto is calling a rally to arms!! "We must fight back" Bitboy had called out several key people involved with Celsius that are trying to keep any recovered deposits or funds amongst them self. For Key Phone Numbers, and to stop this from happening watch Bitboy Cryptos Youtube video We must ban together against the Powerful banking industry that is trying to destroy are freedom of choice. Call your local Senators to let them know how we feel! #celsiusclawback #customerritescelsius #bitboycrypto #bitboycelsius #endcentralization #cryptonews #keepcryptofree #freedomnow

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