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A NFT Platform to Set Musicians Free by NFTsForSale.Com & Minty Marketplace

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Disruptive NFT Project to Set Musicians Free

Minty Revolutionizing the Art and Music World

A fresh new smart NFT Marketplace is here! MINTY is one of the first cross chain interoperable NFT platforms. MINTY is also known as

For the last 50 years, musicians have worn the proverbial ball and chain. Artists have been forced to sign up to record labels that take 60–95% of their profits. Labels then make artists produce content they normally wouldn’t even touch. Why? It’s simple. Mainstream radio stations only deal with certain labels, so in order to get any air time musicians have to sell out to them. Many times making they are forced to make extremely horrible decisions, including giving away royalties, artistic rights, and artistic freedom. Some major examples would be Michael Jackson, Backstreet Boys, The artist formerly known as Prince, Nirvana, Johnny Cash just to name a few.

In the crypto space most are drawn in at first because of the money, which is perfectly valid (and who are we kidding, there is money) however the ones who end up staying for long are the ones passionate about freedom and authority decentralization. and Minty Finance aim to change the way musicians get discovered and sell their content. Any musician, band or free agent is welcome to join our platform. We have developed a platform to help fresh new talent get discovered, sell their content and merchandise in the form of a NFT (non-fungible token) and receive royalties for the rest of their life any time their creation changes hands. Not only will MINTY be featuring new artists, our platform will also be featuring very big name artists who will be selling rare and exclusive footage and recordings. There will be unique features included in MINTY NFT Marketplace for the different users ranks, including exclusive studio and developer tools, free advertising for musicians, strategic partnerships with influencers and content creators, VIP events designed to showcase new music and much more.

MINTY NFT Marketplace is a community based project, and $MINTY governance token will allow holders the ability to vote on community issues and share in the development of and Minty.Finance. }

This is an exciting month for all our community, we are launching our new website We will be announcing the sale stages of $MINTY token, already listed and verified on Binance Smart Chain and soon to be on many more chains. To know more about $MINTY tokenomics, presale, listing and more, go check this cool article: Our minty-fresh tokenomics

And now just join our community and ask us whatever you want, discuss about NFTs or just chill and wait for the airdrops and official presale announcements: #musicnfts #nfts #nftsforsale #rocknfts #punknfts #minty #mintymarket #crypto #freedom

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