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Who We Are

The Minty Market is the freshest NFT Marketplace, featuring one Market for Every Chain.

Our Marketplace Revolutionizes the way Artists and musicians do business through Monetization and full transparency.  Artists keep your creative rights with out having to sell out.

Music NFT.jpeg

Our Mission

Freedom for Content Creation

Musicians and Artists keep your Originality and freedom without having to sell out.

Keep Track off Music Sales/ Receiving Royalties everytime your content exchanges hands

Core Values


We pride ourselves as being dynamic and flexible with our core developers and devotion to higher principles


IWe are comitted to staying transparent to our community, artists, and investors


We Believe that NFTs should be easily accesible to all without having to se t up a wallet for every chain unless you choose. That is why we are allowing all NFTs to be accessible through the Minty Market on

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